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DJ Mortez is a Dutch artist hailing from the Netherlands. Growing up in the vibrant 90s, he fostered a profound passion for music from an early age. With a burgeoning interest in the emerging house music scene, he found his calling as a house DJ, capturing his heart and solidifying his dedication to the industry. This realization marked the beginning of his journey into the world of music.

In 1998, Mortez acquired his first turntables after years of hard work. As the world of house music rapidly expanded and new equipment became available, he swiftly transitioned to local clubs and bars, mastering his craft and taking significant steps towards establishing himself in the nightlife scene. At the age of 18, Mortez became a resident DJ at the most visited club in his city, immersing himself in the now-familiar music scene in the Netherlands.

Through experimentation with various music styles at self-organized parties, Mortez developed his own unique sound and style. A fusion of Techno, Deep House, and Hip-hop emerged, cultivated in his personal studio over the years. This distinctive blend was well-received in the clubs where he performed.

Demand for Mortez’s music grew rapidly, and soon his tracks became widely recognized. Following the introduction of his music, offers from various clubs and festivals began pouring in. In 2023, he released a new EP. In the meantime, fans could enjoy DJ Mortez tracks, live sets, and mixtapes available on platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

In addition to his dynamic career as a DJ and producer, Mortez is the visionary founder of Mortez Records, an independent record label established to maintain creative control and artistic freedom. With a keen focus on innovation and authenticity, Mortez Records serves as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and share their unique musical expressions with the world.

Key Highlights:

Founder, Mortez Records: Established a pioneering independent record label dedicated to promoting innovation and authenticity in electronic music.

Renowned DJ: Headlined and performed at prestigious venues and events worldwide, captivating audiences with electrifying performances.

Prolific Producer: Released a catalog of groundbreaking music, earning widespread acclaim and recognition within the electronic music community.

Entrepreneurial Vision: Successfully navigated the music industry by founding “Mortez Records” and managing his own distribution, maintaining creative control and artistic freedom.

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